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“Global Star System” adopts new evaluation criteria for smart service centers

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Dubai (Etihad)
The UAE government has adopted an updated model for the global service star rating system, which includes evaluation criteria for new categories that include smart and shared service centers, in a move aimed at translating management directives to accelerate digital transformation and use technology to deliver integrated and efficient public services and development of the best service system globally.
Her Excellency Ohoud bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of Government Development and Future, confirmed that the update of the global rating services star system reflects the government’s efforts to keep pace with new trends and incorporate the leadership’s directives to accelerate the process of digital and smart transformation within for various areas of the government’s work, which increases preparedness for the future and promotes the leadership and competitiveness of the UAE government in various areas.
Her Excellency said: The UAE government focuses on the sustainability of development processes and innovation of future models to deliver the best public services in the world in terms of efficiency, ease, speed and quality, noting that the inclusion of smart and shared service centers in the global star system reflect the government’s vision of the future and confirm the uniqueness of the first system of its kind Global at the government level and innovative, continuous thinking that focuses on the customer and seeks to anticipate his aspirations and enable him to experience integrated and efficient services anytime and anywhere.
For his part, Mohammed bin Taliah, Head of Government Services of the UAE Government, said: The modernization of the global star rating system for services confirms the flexibility of the system and its quest to develop its standards and categories in accordance with the directives of the UAE Government to improve and accelerate the digital transformation of services.
Mohammed bin Taliah added: The inclusion of smart and common centers and the development of criteria for their evaluation within the global star rating system for services represents a new incentive for government authorities in the country to adopt and innovate digital and technological solutions in the delivery of their services, and to provide quick and easy customer experiences by providing integrated, interconnected and efficient digital services to the customer at any time and place.
The modernization of the standards of the Global Service Classification System embodies the directives of the UAE Government to develop services and increase their efficiency to be the best services in the world, and represents a step in support of the efforts to achieve the goals of the Emirates strategy for public services by accelerating the digital transformation of services to ensure keeping pace with global changes and anticipating future trends from By improving the use of future technology to deliver services and providing smart and virtual personal services that meet the needs of individuals and serve their future desires.
The update includes an evaluation of the new service centers in the UAE, which include: the smart center, which supports the delivery of 100% smart services, and the joint center, through which partnerships are formed between government agencies to provide integrated services in one center, in addition to public service centres, call centers and channels Digital including websites and smart applications.
The updated system focuses on improving the government’s digital transformation of services, motivating agencies to launch smart centers that use the latest technological solutions to provide 100% smart services without human intervention, digitizing the steps to obtain services, redesigning services on a sustainable basis , and measure the impact of services on society and their efficiency levels.
The system also aims to increase the efficiency of the services provided by the smart and common center by reducing the time to obtain the service, increasing the efficiency of human resources, raising the level of service quality, increasing customer satisfaction, in addition to reducing the costs, redistribution of resources to develop other operations and building the skills of the company’s employees and strengthening them.
The new update also seeks to provide a distinguished service experience for UAE government customers by designing and launching services that suit the needs of different segments of society and customer expectations, and provide new opportunities for customers that support their involvement in designing their own experience , and urges them to take advantage of the new digital services provided by the government of the State Emirates and visit the new centers that offer an integrated experience that combines a variety of services within one window.

The standards of the updated system are based on 8 main axes: strategic linkage, focus on customers, services, service channels, customer experience, service efficiency and creativity, strengthening of human resources and introduction of new technology. The system comprises 35 sub-axes, including 315 evaluation questions.
It is worth noting that the UAE government launched the Global Service Star Rating System in 2011, aiming to reframe the concept of providing public services, to be the first system in the world to rate public service centers in the country where the service channel is rated from two to seven stars and the system has also been developed in 2019 to include new standards to cover channels that include: call centers, websites, smart applications and service centers Four evaluation courses have been completed for all federal government service centers at the state level, in addition to the completion of ​​a final evaluation course for call centers and digital channels.


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