Cinemagoers can vouch for the fact that there’s a magic in watching movies on the big screen. It’s a 120 minutes long dive into a world of imagination and dreams, away from the usual and the real. It’s the best 35 Dirham you spend and never regret (well of course if you are watching a movie of your taste). Lately with the advent of 3d and mega cinema screens the cinema experience has gone from a visually awe-inspiring experience to a fully immersive actuality.  

Vox Cinema City Centre Sharjah

Vox Cinema City Centre Sharjah

One of many such cinematic evolutions is the inception of the GOLD by Rhodes concept – a UAE exclusive top-notch VIP experience for cinemagoers. Launched in 2015 Vox cinemas across the UAE teamed up with British celebrity chef Gary Rhodes to bring the “five-star” film-dining service. The exclusive luxury five-star experience is now also a part of the newly opened VOX Cinemas at the new extension of City Centre Sharjah.  A much reckoned on and highly anticipated project in Sharjah, especially due to the scarcity of Malls as compared to the neighboring Emirates, we headed to the City Centre Sharjah to experience the premium moviegoing experience at Vox Cinema’s GOLD by Rhodes. 

The extension project that took a year to deliver has a more spacious and open feel to it. Near the cinema, the skylight roof allows more natural light which adds fresh and contemporary vibes to the place.  The massive 12-screen VOX Cinemas offers a lineup of experience for everyone. Since we were in for GOLD by Rhodes we headed to the theatre which had a small lounge before the theatre. Lined up with cozy tables and chairs with blue and gold accents, you can either sit and eat there or just order your meal prior to the start of the movie. Inside the movie theatre with about 30 seats,  we were mesmerized by the size and the way the seats were arranged. There’s a sense of privacy and absolute comfort that you can not get anywhere else. Unlike the regular cinema where you feel cramped, sitting next to a rowdy crowd of popcorn munchers, the GOLD by Rhodes at Vox Cinema City Centre Sharjah has a luxurious feel to it, and you slip instantly into your comfort zone. 

The seats are king size and come with the option of reclining, a handy table for your food and convenient extra light for you to look at your food, you can also request for blankets and pillows, and the waiter-call button is the utmost luxury you can get in a theatre. We ordered before the start of the movie and our order included CRISPY FRIED CHICKEN BURGER with Fried chicken, tomato, red onion, dill pickle, BBQ mayonnaise and French fries, and
FISH AND CHIPS with Tartare sauce. For dessert, we ordered DATE AND BANANA FRENCH TOAST with glazed banana and date caramel syrup and Chef Rhode’s special KNICKERBOCKER GLORY, with Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, vanilla and strawberry ice creams, raspberry sauce, whipped cream and toasted almonds. 



As the movie started we tucked ourselves comfortably in the chair and adjusted the seat with the handy button at the right, it felt like traveling first class…  Our food came 20 minutes into the movie and first came the savory mains. Having a Michelin star chef behind the experience has its own perks. The food is not a regular, although we ordered a very mundane item from the menu but only a chef can take it to the level of perfection. The Burger was huge and the taste had a natural yet gourmet simplicity which was enhanced with condiments like the dill pickle, BBQ mayonnaise. The Fish and chips was a simple grub but an exciting choice to have while watching a movie. After finishing the meals the waiters took away our trays and it is interesting to mention that their presence never distracted or blocked our vision.

After the main and towards the end of the movie our desserts came. With an addiction for sweets, I was waiting for this moment and was blown away what came. The French Toast with date and banana was a delicious combination that had a Middle Eastern flare. The Knickerbocker Glory is a prelude to fruity happiness! A chef Gary’s special it was bursting with tarty berries, toned down with ice cream and topped with nuts, the mindboggling dessert took us away from the movie to another world of imagination. It is a must try at the GOLD by Rhodes at Vox Cinema City Centre Sharjah. 

Overall, GOLD by Rhode at Vox Cinema City Centre Sharjah is for the film fans who want to have more personalized, comfortable and a cozier movie experience. To add to the experience the gourmet menu with a variety of snacks, desserts mains, and beverages simply take the regular cinema experience to the next level. We recommend to try it with the movie you have been anticipating or for a night out with your bestie. To learn more about the cinema and its offering visit:


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