Great Travel Destinations One Must Visit in UAE 2019
Great Travel Destinations One Must Visit in UAE 2019

Great Travel Destinations One Must Visit in UAE 2019

What are the core forces maneuvering you to many places as a traveler? Natural beauty, cityscapes, unique traditions, rich culture or shopping boulevards, or everything? UAE is a significant Middle east Asian country bestowed with all these factors in their tourist attractions. At least once you must visit UAE for knowing how amazing will be modeling of huge engineering projects and technology demonstrations without distressing natural resources to its limit of tolerance. From tall skyscrapers to thick mangrove woods, UAE is everything for every traveller for enjoying all achievements of the human brain. Air Arabia promo code will help you for exploring the entire UAE through its seven emirates with cheap flight tickets, affordable hotel accommodation, and easy car rental services across many locations. If you really wish for outstanding voyage experiences in the UAE, spend a few minutes to know about 7 emirates and its attractions here.

Attractions in Dubai

According to studies Dubai is the sultan among main cities across the world in tourist spend and forecast tourist visits growth. 

Burj Khalifa

How amazing will be watching the entire city from the observation deck? As the tallest skyscraper in front of the world, Burj Khalifa attracts millions of people every year to Dubai. Dubai is connected to the entire world by air in reasonably priced services and feasible accommodation using Qatar Airways promo code.


Ever wanted to smell old vintage culture of Dubai? Accelerate to Bastakia, the old Dubai, to get amazed by old limestone buildings, coral structures, Arabic ceramic technology and more. 

Palm Jumeirah, global village, desert safaris are a few other interesting places in Dubai to include in your travel plans.

Top Destinations in Abu Dhabi

From gigantic shopping hubs to mangroves forest, everything is there in this capital city of UAE. It will be a distinct trip acceleration if you include Ferrari world, Masdar city etc in the schedule. 

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

There are no other breath-taking mosques in Abu Dhabi with Macedonian mosaic cladding, glasswork, and unique carvings in both interior and exterior.

Mangrove National Park

It is the paradise for nature lovers for a fascinating kayaking experience through dense mangroves forest, and great reserve of animal life like crabs, fishes, birds, snakes to foxes. 

Ajman Tourist Spots

Ajman is a quiet place to spend time with family and friends from the rushes of a city. Like other emirates here also mosques, castles, forts, and museums are really interesting for visitors

Ajman Beaches

Apart from all attractions, Ajman beaches with white sand shores and crystal-clear sheets of waves are more than anything to offer for a serene moment. 

Must Visit Places in Fujairah

Fujairah is a separated emirate from other emirates because of the Hajar Mountain line along its border. With castles and forts over mountain slopes and coastline towns, Fujairah is another target for UAE explorers.

Snoopy Island

A small coral island in ocean with a funny shape of Snoopy lying on its back is a worthful place to visit for sightseeing, snorkelling, diving, sunbathing and camping.

Sights in Sharjah 

It is known as the arts capital of the UAE with its richness in culture and arts. For knowing UAE through the essence of heritage Sharjah should be on the road of your travel. Just touch the grounds of Sharjah and explore it in amazing discount and offers on flight tickets, hotel bookings and local transfers with Oman Air promo code.

Sharjah Heritage Museums

Sharjah museums are the best place to dive into deep grounds of Arabic antiqueness, with amazing collections of Islamic manuscripts, pottery, coins, art pieces, and many precious masterpieces kept safely and wide open for tourists. 

Khor Fakkan

It is the coastal town of Sharjah for getting the vibes of the beautiful ocean through diving and snorkelling and popular sightseeing corner with many mountain lines. Rifaisa dam also adds charisma to this town.


Love to listen to nature? You will love this place with the sounds of many birds, the darkness of mangroves, the roaring of the ocean and loose white sand beaches. 

Ras al Khaimah Hotspots

This emirate is one of the important destination worthful for having visits gifted with forts, museums, mountains, parks and more. 

Jebel Jais

It is the highest peak location of UAE, with the world’s longest zip line and picturesque view of winding roads, rock canyons and night flare. 

Where to Go in Umm al Quwain?

It will be fresh feel if we can spend a few moments with nature away from bustling city life and then this emirate is a wise choice with parks, islands, beaches and museums. 

Al Sinniyah Island

It is a mangrove-covered silver sanded beach island which is a paradise for flora and fauna lovers to have a glance towards rare species of birds and aquatic organisms. 

More than any other countries in the world, UAE is a treasure chest from natural gems to manmade pearls, and still, raw diamonds are there to be polished. Along with these, golden culture also gives feather on cap to the United Arab Emirates. So, when you are living the moments about which all traveller bloggers write always? 


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