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Gyoza and Greens With Chile Butter

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At Dubai’s Orfali Bros restaurant, Syrian chef and restaurateur Mohamad Orfali reimagines shish barak, a popular Levantine dish featuring beef dumplings in spiced yogurt sauce, as wagyu dumplings served over seasoned yogurt and topped with a spicy, seasoned oil made from sujuk sausage.

Inspired by his riff, I created a version of my own, using a similar treatment to turn store-bought gyoza into a simple but spectacular weeknight meal. I kept the simple garlicky yogurt, but added wilted kale to make this feel like a complete dinner (feel free to swap in Swiss chard, collard greens, or even spinach). Melted butter infused with mild chile flakes, smoked paprika, and cumin adds a finishing blast of flavor that can amp up even the most timidly flavored dumplings. —Zaynab Issa


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