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Holy Quran Tahbeer and its Sciences Award kicks off on Ramadan 1st under slogan ‘Year of Sustainabilityط

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ABU DHABI, 14th March, 2023 (WAM) — Under the patronage of H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, the Holy Quran Tahbeer and its Sciences Award will kick off at the beginning of Ramadan this year in its 9th edition.

This year’s edition is titled “The Year of Sustainability,” as it derives its topics from the vision of the UAE wise leadership and their directives to ensure the consolidation of sustainability concepts across all sectors and step up awareness-raising initiatives in environmental domains.

The announcement of the details of the 9th edition, “The Year of Sustainability,” came on the sidelines of a panel discussion held in Abu Dhabi, titled “Sustainability: a national vision and a Sharia necessity.” The discussion was attended by Dr. Abdullah bin Bayyah, Chairman of the UAE’s Fatwa Council, Dr. Sultan Mohamed Al Nuaimie, Director General of the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, Dr. Khalifa Mubarak Al Dhaheri, Director General of Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, and in the presence of
Maj. Gen. Salem Al Shamsi, Acting Undersecretary of MoI, Dr. Omar Habtoor Al Darei, Director of the UAE’s Fatwa Council and Secretary General of the Holy Quran Tahbeer and its Sciences Award, and HE Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Subia’an Al Tenaiji, Director General and Chairman of the Higher Committee of the Award, as well as representatives of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments and representatives of companies and supporting agencies.

The panel discussion was also attended by a number of dignitaries and institutions working in the educational and community fields and Quranic awards from all over the country, in addition to representatives of media outlets.
Dr. Abdullah bin Bayyah discussed the Sharia aspects of sustainability, while Dr. Sultan Mohamed Al Nuaimie tackled the national aspects.

Dr. Khalifa Mubarak Al Dhaheri, on the other hand, dealt with the academic and social aspects.

Speakers at the panel discussion moderated by the media person Ahmed Al Yamahi stressed that the UAE, led by the vision of its wise leadership, will continue promoting human fraternity, spreading the values of tolerance, justice, equality, coexistence and respect for others as well as the noble Islamic values and the values ingrained and deep-rooted in the Emirati society.

All these values are inspired by moderate and true Islam, the noble Arab customs and traditions, and the wisdom and legacy of late Sheikh Zayed, the Founding Father of the UAE.

Speakers stressed that the UAE is the breeding ground of tolerance, security, safety and multiculturalism, which in turn helped the Emirati society lead a decent life. The laws of the country guarantee justice and respect for all and criminalise fanaticism and causes of division and discord, thus translating the vision of the wise leadership in promoting creativity, tolerance and human values, which ultimately benefit everyone.
The speakers further indicated that the UAE’s initiatives are continuing to consolidate the great human values through an unceasing effort, laws, legislation and policies that aim to enhance the strength and durability of community cohesion and spread positive values and behaviours.

They noted that the UAE is bound by international agreements and treaties on the renunciation of violence, extremism and discrimination, and has become a global hub that brings together the world’s civilisations, both East and West, in order to promote peace and reconciliation among all peoples.
They added that the issue of sustainability has become the centre of global attention in the development of countries and societies, as well as facing various challenges, and finding innovative solutions.

This significant was launched by President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in 2023 to be the Year of Sustainability. This value also originates from the values of the Tahbeer Award, which is greatly focused on the human and developmental values that contribute to human happiness and advancement.
Therefore, this panel discussion is titled: “Sustainability: a national vision and a Sharia necessity.”
They explained that true Islam deeply focuses on achieving interests and benefits that bring good to humanity, with great emphasis on the concepts of sustainability, citing verses from the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s traditions (haditihs).

They mentioned that the concepts of sustainability rank high among the priorities of the UAE, and at the heart of the development, stressing that all members of society are partners in promoting the “Year of Sustainability” initiative.

This edition is scheduled to kick off with the support of the Ahmad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation for Charitable and Humanitarian Works, the official partner of the event, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, and MOI Solidarity Fund “Fazaa.”

The committee will start receiving applications for participation on Shaaban 25th until mid-Ramadan. Those wishing to take part can review the details of the competition on the website www.tahbeerquran.com.
Dr. Omar Habtoor Al Darei, Director of the UAE’s Fatwa Council and Secretary-General of the Holy Quran Tahbeer and its Sciences Award, said that the new edition of the “Holy Quran Tahbeer and its Sciences Award” features the topic of sustainability, as President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced that 2023 would be the Year of Sustainability, and the UAE is preparing to host COP28 in Dubai Expo City.

This all places the responsibility on all national institutions and bodies to raise awareness and contribute to preserving the environment and the climate, with all the commitments which this responsibility dictates, including the need to intensify work and join efforts to achieve the UAE’s strategic goals in this important topic.
He stressed that the award would pursue its policy to enhance the tolerant values of Islam, and its vision in consolidating the values of moderation, tolerance and acceptance of others as well as peaceful coexistence.

He then called on Muslim youth and young people around the world to actively participate in the award, learn about its noble values and goals, and be part of an international event that endeavours to introduce the correct values and teachings of our religion.
Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Subia’an Al Tenaiji, Director General and Chairman of the Higher Committee of the Award, explained that the award features ten categories divided into males, females and children, and for each category there are terms, conditions and criteria, including voice, correct pronunciation, control of initiation, pausing, showing reverence and other criteria. The contestants must be familiar with the criteria as they will be judged by a specialised panel according to each category.

He indicated that participation is open to all nationalities from all over the world, starting from Shaaban 25.

Judging will start on the first day of Ramadan and continue until Ramadan 15, after which the final qualifiers will take place. All this aims to encourage Muslims in the Arab and Islamic world to compete in the Holy Quran, its recitation and tajweed and to learn about its sciences.
He added that the value of the financial prizes for this edition amounts to AED 690,000, distributed under the categories of the award among the first three winners in each category.

Al Tenaiji then explained that the number of participants in the eighth edition of the award was 6816, and 5407 in the seventh, from 81 nationalities, while the number of participants stood at 3394 in the sixth edition back in (2020), noting that it is expected and hoped for that this edition garners more participants.

Mind map Competition for the Values of Sustainability in the Holy Quran
Al Tenaiji further pointed out that a new cash prize amounting to AED 60,000 at this year’s edition will be allocated for the Mind Map Competition for the Values of Sustainability in the Holy Quran, distributed among the top three, so that the first gets an amount of AED 30,000, the second AED 20,000 and the third AED 10,000.
Al Tenaiji called on those who need to know more more information to refer to the award guide on its website (www.tahbeerquran.com), or to contact the numbers available on social media platforms.

The Holy Quran Tahbeer and its Sciences Award was launched with the vision of Lt. Gen. H.H. Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior back in 2015, to be a platform from the UAE to the world. It came to be an addition to other platforms encouraging and urging young people and youth to understand and study the Holy Quran, and to spread the values of tolerance, moderation, combating extremism, fanaticism, and intellectual deviation.

The award is an innovative means of communication between the peoples of the earth through interaction and participation with others in a meaningful competitive framework.

The award adopts modern methods and technologies for participation enabling all nationalities and ages to take part in the process. Categories of the award vary to include all age groups and all nationalities from around the world, as participants can compete in the recitation of the Holy Quran and knowledge of its sciences, thus contributing to spreading the sublime values and objectives of the award in all its categories.


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