Dr. Amal Ibrahim Al Ali, Professor of Business Administration and Head of the International Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, talked about the Forum’s activities on Saturday, stressing that the workshops, lab and symposium focus on instilling the idea of innovation and creativity among students using latest theories in this regard.

She said the first workshop given by Professor Randa Taher discussed a variety of points on innovation and entrepreneurship, including design thinking and the culture of innovation.

She explained that design thinking is a method developed and applied by the University of Stanford, USA, based on an innovative design methodology that meets the needs of society.

Dr. Al Ali added that the second workshop led by media professional Mohammed Al Zaitouni focused on innovation in the media sector, raising the important question on how to create specialised media inventions, pointing out that the media is based on creativity and innovation.

In the third workshop, Jassem Al Ali, Head of Dubai Merchants Division at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), discussed innovation and entrepreneurship in relation to government work. He spoke about his work as the Head of Dubai Merchants Division, which was devised and adopted by the DCCI for the purpose of transferring the expertise of entrepreneurs to the youth.

In the fourth workshop, Australian expert David Masefeild gave a detailed review of Queensland’s experience in developing a startup ecosystem.

As for the innovation lab, it was designed to give students time to relax, given that relaxation in an innovative environment leads to creative thinking.

The lab hosted students participating in the Sharjah Chamber’s Award for Innovators, under the supervision of Katrina Castella, a volunteer trainer from the Higher Colleges of Technology, who is responsible for training these students to develop their projects before presenting them to the award’s judging panel.

The first day of the forum concluded with a symposium on innovation in the film and media industry, led by the well-known Egyptian director Khalid Youssef.

Dr. Al Ali stressed that the symposium sought to draw students out of the typical environment of innovation, and the routine life in general, to the field of entertainment, which also receives a good amount of attention.


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