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In Dubai, a Wedding Steeped in Palestinian and Moroccan Culture

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Nora Achmaoui and Khalid Alherani met on Instagram. One month later, they started a TikTok account that now has 1.3 million followers.

Nora Achmaoui made the first move on Khalid Alherani in September 2021 in typical Gen Z fashion: She liked two of his pictures on Instagram after finding his profile on her explore page.

Although they disagree on what exactly happened next she said he immediately liked her whole feed, while he claimed that could not be possible because he was at the gym at the time they both agree that he liked several of her photos in response.

In Instagram culture, liking several photos in return is the indication that there is mutual interest. So, Mr. Alherani was under the impression that Ms. Achmaoui would make the next move. After waiting for a few minutes, he got impatient. He decided to send her a direct message: Hi, how are you?

From then on, they literally spoke every second, Mr. Alherani said. She was telling me about her whole day and each thing shes doing.

They instantly felt comfortable with each other. She started sending me weird things, and I started sending her weird things, he said. As an example, he mentioned one instance when she sent him a photo of her nose.


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