Japanese Shoryu restaurant by Blenheim Design, Oxford – UK

Drawing inspiration from the city of Oxford, Blenheim Design created a bold and playful interior scheme with truly Japanese feel. Shoryu restaurant offers rich, creamy Tonkotsu ramen soup as well as good Japanese cocktails, sake and whiskey. Restaurant interior delivers virtual hug of energetic atmosphere whilst using calm Japanese pallet and local materials. Challenge was to create simple and elegant restaurant housing 90 customers whilst fusing two different cultures. Buzz is created by welcoming shouts of ‘Irasshaimase’ and beating of the drum as well as the drama of the open kitchen.

Nine meter long open kitchen is a focal point whilst bronze and brass bar sits to the side overlooking the whole space. Traditional building techniques of Japan were fused with elements of Oxford. Oak, stone and bronze is a positive nod to historic Oxford, whilst Japanese elements come from illuminated rice, lanterns, bamboo and suspended sake box screens.

Designed by Blenheim Design
Photography by Steven Joyce

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