Dubai based artist Kate Toledo has more than a dozen canvases and three silk scarves in her fourth solo exhibition, a tribute to Portugal’s 17th and 18th century ceramics and antiquities and a reflection of the artist’s second home in Lisbon. The work represents the artist’s own interpretation of 17th century Pombal tiles and faiança works, especially the intricate patterns and animal scenes that pay homage to a time where nature intertwined with architecture to create unique designs and a way of life.

“I have a great love and respect for Portuguese ceramic work from this era,” said Ms Toledo, “and have studied it extensively to gain a better understanding of the story, heritage and culture from which each piece began and has now come to represent. I hope to honour these scenes and patterns – preserving them further yet offering a new life and perspective to them.”

To 30 November.

Above: Kate Toledo, The Dear Chase. Below: Kate Toledo, Mythical Rabbits

Paintings of Kate Toledo



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