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Learn to draw letters in the program «House of Calligraphy»

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Fatima Atfa (Abu Dhabi)

The saying goes: “Science in childhood is like engraving on a stone.” Arabic letters are characterized by different formations and artistic beauty that we do not see in any other alphabet. The artistic line combines the precision of the craft and the beauty of the formation. Talent appears since childhood, but it needs an incubator to take care of it, preserve it and work to crystallize it. In the Emirates, we find several institutions that embrace talents and work to develop them, as is the case in the Cultural Complex, which organizes courses and programs for art education and training in the mastery of its various types, such as sculpture, drawing and photography, in addition to making ceramics in the craftsman’s house and learning to master the drawing of letters in the “craftsman’s house” Calligraphy”, where under the supervision of the artist Mohamed Mandi he receives those who want to learn this beautiful art. Hajar Al Kathiri, a teacher of calligraphy, receives children who love to learn this art, who have not reached the age of ten. Yesterday, Al Ittihad participated in a workshop for gifted children at the Calligraphy House.
Hajar Al Kathiri says: “We have a two-hour program, “Improving Arabic Calligraphy”, which takes place every Thursday at the Cultural Foundation. The students learn to improve calligraphy, and it is done only through the pencil in the first phase, and then we teach them with The “pencil” pen dedicated to calligraphy to write letters And words, and then there will be writing sentences so that the student can draw different letters.
Al Kathiri explains: There are no similar courses in the schools, but they are held only in the cultural complex, and the program is about improving children’s handwriting, and then it will benefit them in the schools, where the student’s handwriting becomes beautiful and tidy. The workshop receives pupils from eight to 13 years old on average 4 times a month, and the class lasts two hours.
Adeeb Nammour, who accompanied his daughter Salam, the student on this course, emphasizes the importance of teaching calligraphy under the guidance of specialized professors at the Cultural Foundation, which further improves the child’s handwriting and gives artistic energy to the student. He added that teaching children in artistic workshops infuses the child with culture and fun that schools cannot offer due to the large number of students, while parents’ follow-up with their children in calligraphy or drawing lessons in these courses contributes a lot to their talents , so parents should be aware of their children’s talents and support them on summer courses.


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