Sharjah: Scores of children and parents are undertaking time travel at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF)’s ‘Back from the Future’ show.

In this enthralling show, a crazy scientist and his friend who have invented a time machine, are taking festival visitors on their journeys through time. The twist in these travels is introduced by a system malfunction, where instead of shooting across into the future, one is hurled back into ancient times. After several attempts by the crazy scientist and his odd assistant, the audience finally embarks upon an amazing journey to the future.

A spectacle for all age groups, the show is based on what is called ‘black theater technique’, that is, all the acts are performed in a pitch dark environment with only certain parts illuminated, leading to several ‘shock and awe’ moments.

Behind a thoroughly fun, light-hearted act dotted with ample audiovisual thrills, the take home message is that the efficient use of time is an absolute must to reach one’s goals and live fully.  


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