Spiny-tailed lizard is among the flora and fauna that Expo continues to conserve

A spiny-tailed lizard, a protected species often nicknamed ‘little dinosaur’ because of its scaly appearance, is among the latest wildlife relocated during Expo 2020 Dubai’s construction.

The prehistoric-looking reptile, Uromastyx aegyptia leptieni, and an Arabian sand boa snake, Eryx jayakari, were recently relocated from the 4.38 sq km site. These discoveries follow the successful rehoming of a colony of honey bees earlier this year.

The spiny-tailed lizard, which can grow to more than 70cm long and is locally known in Arabic as ‘dhub’, was passed to Dubai Municipality, while the harmless sand boa was successfully released back into the desert, its natural habitat.

An array of animals, including foxes, gazelles and Arabian hares, have been relocated since Expo construction began.

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