In the city of Instagrammable sunsets, boasting skyline views, and lavish displays of opulence, this brand is turning the tables around. 1/JBR from Dubai Properties’ latest campaign “redefines the stereotypes of luxury residences in Dubai”.

How? By claiming the opposite of what Dubai seemingly stands for.

“So, if you like your bathrooms blinged out with gold taps, you’ll be out of luck. If you want a downtown address, you’ll be left downhearted. If you love your chandeliers dripping with diamonds, you’ll be disappointed. And, if your sunsets have to have Instagrammable dancing fountains, your hopes will be dashed. 1/JBR clearly is not for everyone; including the ones who prefer the stereotypical definition of luxury.” So the ad says.

The agency, FP7/McCann, explains, “To relaunch 1/JBR, we created a simple, stylish, powerful, and quietly subversive film that would cut through the clichéd luxury advertising and stand out among the competition, just as 1/JBR naturally does on the beach front.”

The campaign ran from December to January across social media, TV, outdoor and print with outdoor dominating a chunk of the media spend (49 percent); TV following closely (37%); digital lagging but not crawling (11 percent) and print (magazines) remaining negligible at two percent.

The agency remained mum about the next phase of the campaign other than confirming that there is a next phase.


Insight and Strategy: Tahaab Rais

Creative Team: Oliver Robinson, Katarina Vasilj, Fanny Abou Rached

Account Management: Tarek Ali Ahmad, Nadine Bikhazi


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