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“Make a Wish” and “Sharjah Museums” bring joy to sick children

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Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
Through its strategy based on strengthening cooperative relations with local authorities and private institutions, the “Make a Wish” Foundation was recently able to fulfill the wishes of 5 seriously ill children to receive the latest electronic equipment in cooperation with Sharjah Museums.
Sharjah Aquarium hosted the “Make Wishes” event by welcoming children as clown fish and balloons. The children were taken on a guided tour inside the halls of Sharjah Aquarium where they saw the shark feeding show and the fish feeding show in the canal. They had a rare opportunity to touch the living creatures closely as the children had a wonderful and entertaining time with the “Mission from the Deep Sea” play, the educational workshop and the medal workshop.
Hani Al-Zubaidi, Executive Director of the “Make a Wish” Foundation, thanked the Sharjah Museums Authority and the organizers of the “Make Wishes” event at the Sharjah Aquarium for hosting a ceremony to fulfill the wishes of sick children and praised the efforts to bring happiness and hope to children’s hearts by introducing them to the world of the oceans and the marine environment, entertaining and entertaining.
Al-Zubaidi concluded his statement by saying: “We are always happy to fulfill the wishes of children with serious life-threatening illnesses through cooperation with the authorities who seek to fulfill their social responsibilities. I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the benevolent white hands who helped the children achieve their wishes which ranged from iPad, laptop and PlayStation 5 with CDs. We look forward to more activities that promote feelings of happiness in the hearts of all members of the community.”


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