British Car restorer and McLaren specialist Lanzante has teased that it’s working on a McLaren P1 GT Longtail.

With only the caption ‘Coming Soon, McLaren P1 GT Longtail,’ the Instagram post gives little away except who its owner is.

McLaren P1 GT Longtail detail

One of the Instagram accounts tagged by Lanzante in the post is speedy_gonzales999,  a car collector who has remained largely anonymous despite garnering a following of over 15,000 Instagram users.

Speedy, as we’ll call him, is seemingly based in both the UK and Dubai and, among many other cars, owns a Singer Porsche and a McLaren P1.

McLaren P1

Speedy says the car will stay in the UK once it’s ready (he also reveals that the car is ‘almost there’ in a comment), and it seem that it’s a one off for now.

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It’s not the first ‘Longtail’ version of a McLaren supercar that’s been created, the Woking carmaker built three McLaren F1 GTs in the late 1990s to homologate the F1 GTR racer, though the GT was meant to be a one-off.

mclaren f1 gt

Nicknamed ‘Longtail’, after its track-bound sibling, it inspired the creation of the 675LT (no prizes for guessing what the ‘LT’ stands for) almost two decades later, which McLaren recently bestowed with a Gulf livery, in turn, inspired by the original GTR Longtail.

mclaren 675gt

Lanzante has also been involved in the creation of another P1-derived car, the P1 LM. It was the road-legal (and more extreme) version of the P1 GTR, which set the fastest time at the Goodwood Hill Climb in 2016.

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It also boasts a Nürburgring lap time of just 6:43, with former IndyCar driver Kenny Bräck at the wheel.


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