Middle East Women Harnessing the Power of Airbnb

Following the International Women’s Day, Airbnb celebrates the female hosts who enable visitors to experience this region whilst also earning extra income

Nada’s Airbnb Experiences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been curated to provide her global guests with memorable adventures. She hosts visitors in Dubai’s Old Town guiding them on walking tours to important landmarks from the city’s past. Just like hosts in Airbnb homes open their doors to guests from around the world, Nada connects with globetrotters and gives them the opportunity to see the cities she loves most, through her eyes, via Airbnb Experiences.

Her firm philosophy is that guests should enjoy every minute they spend in the UAE and truly experience the place like a local. ‘El Bait Baitak’ is a well known Arabic proverb that Nada lives by – it means ‘make yourself at home’.

“The number one reason guests sign up for Experiences with me on Airbnb is because they don’t want to be on their own, standing in long lines, and trying to see the same attraction as everybody else. They want to, even if just for a few hours, feel like they’ve slipped into someone else’s shoes and are living a local’s life.”

From the time the Experience is booked until they return home, she promises to ensure that her guests participate in a UAE cultural trip like no other. Nada is ready with advice on anything from where to eat or where to visit, anything to make sure her guests have a perfect vacation in every way.

Nada is one of millions of female hosts around the world who power the Airbnb community. Women make up nearly 56 percent of all hosts on our platform and have earned nearly $32 billion on Airbnb since the company was launched in 2008 — $12 billion of that in the past year alone.

UAE female hosts almost tie with men, representing 44 percent of all hosts locally for both Experiences and Homes.

Women in Iceland are among the highest-earning hosts on the platform, earning a typical income of $10,200 a year, followed by women in the Cook Islands who typically earn $10,000 a year on Airbnb. Overall, women in the US earned the most, $4 billion in 2018, followed by France where women made over $1 billion.

Women are also leading the way in creating memorable travel experiences for guests around the world. In New Zealand, women make up 64 percent of the Airbnb Home host community and in the Philippines, nearly 60 percent. This is also true for Airbnb Experiences, where women make up nearly 75 percent of hosts in Abu Dhabi and 60 percent in both Bangkok and Milan. Women Home hosts are also on the rise in many emerging markets — in Paraguay and Pakistan, for example, the number of female hosts on the platform doubled from 2017 to 2018.

But the data only tells one side of the story. From CEOs, to activists, to rock stars to World Cup winners, countless inspiring women are using the Airbnb platform to support their self-made livelihoods, and perhaps inspire others to do the same.

Here are just a few of their stories:

Brandi, Home Host, Alberta, Canada

Canadian all-female band Nice Horse has been nominated for a string of awards and have played at numerous high-profile music festivals. Band member and Superhost Brandi says that none of this would have been possible without Airbnb.

The self-employed musician has welcomed more than 200 guests to her home over the last three years, allowing her to successfully pursue her love of music. She’s brought the entire band along for the ride too, as they have stayed in listings and even recorded one of their music videos in listings across North America.

“A career in the arts, although important, is often a struggle financially. Airbnb has afforded me the opportunity to make enough money to survive, and still be able to be an important representative and creator of music and culture.”

Daniela, Experience Host, Prague, Czech Republic

Daniela has a string of impressive rowing accolades to her name, winning first place at the Rowing World Cup in Munich in 2003, along with several other international medals since then. She has also established herself as a successful business woman, with a company that supplies rowing equipment to enthusiasts around the world. Now Daniela is turning her attention to her latest rowing venture: as an Experience Host with Airbnb.

“When I bring someone new with me they say Prague is the best place in the world to row. They’re blown away. You get to see the best of Prague away from the crowds – where else can you see an uninterrupted panorama of Prague Castle all to yourself?”

When Shannon decided to start her own company in her hometown of Portland, she knew she would need some extra money to build her business. “I was about to open a new concept grocery store called Green Zebra Grocery, which is a very slim margin industry, and I kept thinking I need a backup plan,” says Shannon. “Home sharing paid off. I loved that the world came to my door, allowing me to create friendships while also building a local business.”


The Airbnb Press Room is aimed at journalists. All Homes and Experiences referenced on the Airbnb Press Room are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse specific Home or Experience listings on the Airbnb platform.


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