Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai, located two-minutes from Dubai International Airport, has taken part in the ‘Clean up the World’ drive set out by Dubai Municipality.

More than 30 volunteers from the hotel took part in the event held in the town of Al Aweer. The theme for the clean up this year was ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’.

Organised with ‘Clean up the World Australia’ and supported by the UN Environment Programme, the event aimed to raise awareness of environmentalism and help reduce waste for future generations.

The hotel explained one of the key goals was to strengthen neighbourhood preservation and to enhance co-operation between various stakeholders.

The hotel’s general manager, Simon Moore, said: “Protection of the environment is everyone’s responsibility and we are glad to extend our support to campaigns such as these. ‘Clean Up the World’ is a remarkable initiative by Dubai Municipality aimed at improving environmental awareness and emphasizing the importance of reducing waste generation. As part of our corporate social responsibility at the Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai we are committed to minimize our impact on nature and environment through resource efficiency, pollution control and waste reduction. Thanks to our Human Resources team for leading this initiative along with the other volunteered colleagues. ”


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