• The National Centre of Meteorology has issued an alert to motorists
  • Visibility across the country has dropped to below 500 metres
  • An orange alert was issued and the bad weather is set to affect many parts of the country

DUBAI, U.A.E. – With the United Arab Emirates waking up to yet another morning of thick fog, visibility in the country dropped to below 500 meters.

The country’s National Centre of Meteorology on Monday issued an alert to motorists.

In its daily weather forecast, the National Centre of Meteorology explained that the bad weather affected many parts of the country, and issued an orange alert.

According to officials, the orange alert was made to caution residents over hazardous weather.

However, meteorologists explained that through the day, the fog is expected to significantly disappear.

Earlier in the morning, heavy fog was also recorded over Abu Dhabi airport, Al Bateen airport and Ras Al Khaimah airport. 

Meanwhile, visibility also dropped to 50 metres at times over the northern emirates, Sharjah, and parts of Dubai.

By Monday night and in the early hours of Tuesday, more fog is expected to fall down across the country, as the level of humidity is also expected to rise up to 95 percent in the internal and coastal areas.

The MET Department said that fog was reported on major highways and reduced road visibility in many areas, including Dubai, Sharjah, Dubai-Al Ain Road, and the Al Ain-Abu Dhabi Road.

An NCM spokesperson was quoted as saying that it had urged residents to follow traffic rules and any instructions by police.

The NCM spokesperson said, “The fog will continue tonight until tomorrow evening and then will return on Wednesday morning. On Friday, it is expected to be slightly less heavy.”

Meanwhile, on Sunday night, weather conditions continued to disrupt flights and officials said that 10 flights from Dubai and Sharjah airports were diverted to Ras Al Khaimah airport due to the fog.

Residents shared videos of the blanket of fog on social networking sites, that covered the country at night.

In an online video posted early in the morning, the U.A.E.’s Storm Centre said, “Thick fog in the north of Al Ain City.”  

Over the next two days, the waves at sea is expected to be moderate. 

Authorities warned that U.A.E. residents need to brace themselves for some winter chills as the weather in the forthcoming week is likely to be windy and hazy.

The NCM also forecast that towards New Year’s eve, the fog would have subsided.


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