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Museum of the Future opens new shop with AI-driven audio

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Museum of the Future opens new shop with AI-driven audio

Dubai’s iconic Museum of the Future has added another feather to its cap by launching a state-of-the-art physical store. This unique retail space is not just any store; it boasts an AI-driven audio system and offers a curated collection of limited-edition and exclusive items. These items, many of which are replicas of the museum’s most sought-after exhibits, promise visitors a tangible piece of the future.

A significant portion of the store’s inventory is the brainchild of local designers, reflecting the rich tapestry of UAE’s artistic talent. Additionally, the store features creations by globally acclaimed artists such as Jason Bruges and Ally Powell, further elevating its international appeal.

Among the standout items is a meticulously crafted miniature of “The Centre,” an artistic masterpiece inspired by the Al Waha exhibit. Art enthusiasts will also be drawn to the exclusive brass replica of the “Monument to the Pioneers.” This gallery art piece, reminiscent of the solar system, draws its inspiration from the OSS Hope exhibit.

Majed Al Mansoori, the Deputy Executive Director of the Museum of the Future, expressed his enthusiasm about the store’s offerings. He emphasized the museum’s commitment to providing visitors with the opportunity to own a piece of the future, be it through exclusive memorabilia or unique creations by local designers.

The store’s collection is a testament to innovation and creativity. Approximately half of the products are bespoke to the museum. Notably, several items pay homage to the intricate cursive Arabic script, Thuluth, which adorns the museum’s façade. These collections seamlessly blend the elegance of Arabic calligraphy with the cutting-edge 3D-printing technology employed in the museum’s architecture.

But that’s not all. The store also offers a plethora of other products ranging from keychains, magnets, and tote bags to scarfs, books, and exquisite coffee sets. Eco-conscious visitors can indulge in clothing crafted from recycled materials, while children can delight in gifts inspired by the Future Heroes exhibit.

In essence, the Museum of the Future’s new store is more than just a retail space. It’s a celebration of art, technology, and the vision of a brighter tomorrow.

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