Nesma Telecom & Technology, a subsidiary of Saudi-based Nesma Holding, has partnered with radio transceivers and radio systems manufacture Hytera to introduce communication solutions for public safety and smart city projects in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other GCC countries.

Nesma has huge plans for UAE and other GCC markets in the upcoming years, considering the rapid increase in energy demand and development of communication technologies, such as the introduction of 5G technologies, said a statement on Tuesday.

“In the past few years, Nesma has been focusing in the Saudi Arabian market and made its breakthrough in Bahraini market by securing several electrical substation projects this year. We are working on expanding our business to cover the UAE market as the next step in our GCC expansion plan in the coming years,” Salah Sami Al-Sunaid, CEO of Nesma Telecom & Technology, said while speaking on the sidelines of the GITEX Technology Week.

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