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New York University Abu Dhabi publishes the first atlas of Mars in Arabic

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NYU Abu Dhabi has announced the publication of the Atlas of Mars produced by NYUAD Research Scientist Professor Dimitra Atari. The atlas is considered to be the first of its kind in the Arabic language, and Professor Atrey supervised this work with the aim of providing information to an audience of Arabic-speaking scholars and researchers inside and outside the country, based on data collected by “Hope”- the probe, which was launched by the Emirates Space Agency.

The project’s methodology was based on integrating images taken by the probe’s instruments to form an accurate map of the planet’s surface, which produced a unique set of stunning images and unprecedented information about the terrain of this planet, which once resembled Earth in terms of environment and weather conditions. In the course of this project, the working group has analyzed images taken by one of the image processing units on board the probe to clarify the differences that occur on the planet with the sequence of seasons over an entire Martian year, which corresponds to about years on the planet. The team also intends to continue to update the atlas with images and data upon transmission from the probe.

The project data provide a clearer and more comprehensive picture of atmospheric conditions on the surface of Mars, as well as details of the changes that led to the disappearance of the planet’s atmosphere, resulting in lower temperatures and desiccation of the planet over a period of about 4 billion years. Prof. Dimitra hopes that the data, which is expected to arrive over the next three months, will help to decipher a number of questions that are still disputed among scientists regarding the fading of the atmosphere on Mars, which will affect our understanding of atmospheric phenomena on our planet.



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