NYU Abu Dhabi alumnus Chandan Mishra wins Zayed Sustainability Prize

New York University Abu Dhabi’s Class of 2019 alumnus Chandan Mishra’s organic waste project at Bloom Nepal School has won the Zayed Sustainability Prize under the category of Global High School in South Asia. The win was announced during the awards ceremony that took place during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2020.

After graduating last year with a major in civil engineering, Mishra returned home to Nepal to work with underprivileged school children. He took on the role of the Executive Director at Bloom Nepal School, where he launched a project that converts organic waste into biogas for purposes such as cooking in the school’s kitchen or for energy, using a gas engine generator, as well as the use of organic manure for sustainable agricultural practices by distributing to local farmers to promote organic farming.

Currently, the Bloom Nepal School relies on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders for cooking purposes, which are both costly and unsustainable. With this project, led by Mishra, the school aims to reduce the reliance on LPG Cylinders to 40 percent in the first year and Zero percent from the second year onwards.

The project also includes active student involvement required as a part of their ‘Environmental Education’ programme. The school aims to form partnerships with local municipalities to recycle solid waste and convert it into clean energy, thus, making waste management effective and sustainable.

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