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In the last week of November, around 200 people in the UAE will look for self-evaluation help on-line.  In the 1st week of December, that number is likely to skyrocket to10,000. Globally the numbers are staggering.

Bearing this mind, Businessmentals, the team dedicated to creating great Tools for Business, has announced the very timely release of its new online course for employees around the world, called How To Crush Your Self-Evaluation (And Get Outstanding Results!).

“Self-evaluation is universally detested, but considered a necessary evil by many employers.  Most employees (even the good ones) struggle to create a meaningful review of their own performance,” says Steve Ashby, founder of Businessmentals. “This is largely because culturally, we don’t feel comfortable talking about ourselves and how great we are.”

The online course starts with addressing the issue of self-confidence and gives employees practical exercises to build their self-confidence quickly, so that this new confidence shines through their self-evaluation and is immediately picked up by their manager.

“Using humour, brevity, wit and 35 years of very senior international HR experience, we have built a wicked tool for managing the self-evaluation process which includes gems like “Your manager cannot remember what you did three weeks ago” and “How to write a smooth excuse”,” he adds.

Ashby believes in the NLP saying that all memories are myths, so he teaches course participants how to tell great stories that highlight honesty and showcase competency.  He also shows employees how to use the entire Performance Management process to get ahead and own their space.

“Autonomy, mastery and a sense of purpose are what truly drive employee motivation and engagement.  And all three rely on self-confidence, which luckily is a skill that can be taught.

The beauty of this online course is that the new skills can be applied immediately to very positive and long-lasting effect”, said Ashby.

The online course consists over 2 hours of video content, workbooks and practical exercises.  It’s written with humour, and is highly engaging about a sensitive topic.  Available from 14th December at for $97 one-time payment.  It really is the gift that will keep on giving you much better performance ratings and more interesting assignments.


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