Open doors, crowded chatrooms: More than 6.8m tune in to NUS’ e-Open House

Raffles Institution alumnus Ethan Yeo, who is serving his National Service, appreciated the small-group sharing and tour format for USP and the sample lessons.

“Open House has been interesting and informative,” said Ethan, who also attended the session for the NUS Faculty of Law.

Overseas visitors

Maryam Saleel, a high school student in the United Arab Emirates who is attempting her A-levels, also attended the session for USP. She enjoyed Dr Ang’s sample class, commenting that he “was very engaging and his love for the subject clearly shone throughout the session”.

She said, “More than clearing doubts, the e-Open House opened my eyes to certain things that I hadn’t heard of before or come across in my research. I didn’t know NUS had a programme called NUS Overseas Colleges or that USP students could take double majors.”

Maryam was not the only overseas visitor, with the online format of the Open House allowing prospective students to tune in from all over the world.

Joselyn Victoria Dachi, a high school student from Sekolah Menengah Atas Kristen Penabur Bintaro Jaya in Indonesia, attended the Undergraduate Admissions Sharing session by the NUS Office of Admissions.

“This webinar helped me to get to know more about NUS, as my top choice university that I will apply for when I graduate from my high school in 2022,” she said.

She had many questions about her options after high school and the various university programmes that could be suitable for her.

The webinar cleared her doubts. Although not all questions could be addressed at the session proper due to the high number of questions, prospective students could reach the Office of Admissions afterwards through multiple touchpoints such as hotlines, live chats, and dedicated email addresses for queries.

“The sessions certainly provided a lot of helpful information, and the NUS team stood by to help out if we had further questions,” said Joselyn.

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