Absen’s Acclaim A27 series LED video wall system was recently invested in by Huawei OpenLab, and subsequently installed at its showroom in Dubai to aid in demonstrating the company’s advanced smart city solutions. Huawei opted for a seamless LED display of 1.5mm pixel pitch, capable of receiving real-time information data. OpenLab specifically chose the A2715 as it was able to deliver HD resolution and a high level of brightness and contrast which was suitable for control rooms and public, retail and corporative environments.

‘Huawei and Absen have been in cooperation in a lot of projects, especially in the area of smart cities.’ said Absen’s sales manager, Alina Yuan. ‘This is our first LED screen in Huawei’s overseas offices.

One of 12 Open lab centres around the world, OpenLab Dubai covers approximately 500m2 and is located within Dubai Internet City (DIC). The showroom is a place where Huawei’s customers can get hands-on experience with the latest innovations developed by Huawei and its partners.

‘Due to the tight schedule, our team and the client have worked hard and late,’ Yuan added. ‘It took only two days and our team was involved in the whole installation process to ensure a high quality installation.’


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