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Our cultural destinations strengthen identity and consolidate values

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Cultural destinations in the United Arab Emirates have greatly contributed to express its civilizational character and cultural identity over generations, and if it has been combined with modern templates that include all elements of technological development, it still has a deep understanding of its Arab and Islamic heritage and traditions, thus succeeding in attracting members of the community to its activities and community programs. Which we can call the concept of “colleague in cultural destinations and public places that promote a spirit of participation, belonging and respect for cultures and differences.”

“Al-Bayan” tried through the weekly poll to shed light on the importance of cultural destinations and their inspiring role in defining the Emirati identity and its multimedia and creative nature, when it asked a question to its followers, through its platforms on the social networking sites that: Do cultural destinations reflect the old character of the Emirates?


The results of the survey showed the great role of cultural destinations in expressing the uniqueness of the contemporary Emirati identity, as indicated by 70% of the survey participants on the “Al Bayan” website, the success of cultural destinations in reflecting the old character of the Emirates, while 30 % thought otherwise while they were. attention to heritage, while 15% saw the exact opposite.

Commenting on the results, Khalil Abdul Wahed, Director of the Fine Arts Department at the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, “Dubai Culture”, told Al-Bayan: The cultural destinations carry the positive and human energies of the UAE, which reflect the spirit. of the Emirati identity and the historical and societal values ​​associated with it, with influential scenes. From the history of our country, which has become one of the most important tourist sites visited by visitors from within or outside the country, as it represents a modern model of local and global creative mobility, which is a reflection of the path of community life and its renewed nature through cultural activities and programs that contribute to creating a vibrant cultural scene and inspire new generations and increase its pride in its heritage and history, its preservation and looking to the future from it, as well as the role of cultural destinations in promoting community participation and cultural dialogue.

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In turn, Iman Al Hammadi, Director of Library Affairs in charge of Dubai Culture, says: Al Safa Art and Design Library is one of the most inspiring cultural destinations in the UAE, as it is a dynamic platform that allows members of the creative community to meet, work, research and read. It was designed to reflect the objective of the Dubai Public Library to provide an integrated center for knowledge and culture in the Emirate of Dubai, supporting the National Reading Strategy and Dubai Culture’s vision to enrich the cultural scene in the emirate and consolidate its position as a global center for culture, an incubator for creativity and a forum for talent, and the library embodies in its design Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of creating urban spaces Quiet, spacious and beautiful for reflection: «expression of happiness through contemplation and tranquility».

For his part, the plastic artist Yousra Wahba affirms: that identity and belonging are one of the main pillars of the nature of cultural destinations in the UAE, which have never been separated from the values ​​of heritage, customs and traditions. inspiration of the word and the image of the place, which is determined to include all the inspiring data as an aesthetic formative element in the form of architecture and cultural content, which carries with it the unique diversity derived from the diversity of the geographical environment.



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