The fashion sector is slowly starting to reconsider the use of plastics in products, a source of polluting waste that is difficult to eliminate.

Every year, an increasing volume of raw materials are extracted from the ground – oil, natural gas, coal for example – to make countless plastic products – from textile to zips, buttons to the main components of shoes or handbags. And all these elements  end up in waste on the surface of the oceans and will take centuries to decompose.

Efforts still too limited,

To these visible products are added billions of clothes stuffed with synthetic fibers derived from plastic, which especially cheap brands use to reduce their costs.

Some NGOs involved in the fight against the plastic waste at sea, are trying to convince the industry to reduce consumption, and at least resort to massive plastic recycling. Some brands or distribution chains are making efforts, banning overpacks of this material and creating collections of clothing or sneakers entirely made from recycled plastic bottles or waste recovered in the oceans. One step further, brands have committed to stop using new nylon (from plastic) material to make their products.

But these initiatives are limited, both in number and impact.

Plastic is not cool

The challenge for the future is to come up with a way in which a brand will make a product, which consumers will use before bringing it back to the manufacturer for this product to be reborn in another form.


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