Polaris de-commissions chilling plant for UAE

Polaris Shipping Agencies were called upon to perform the de-commissioning of a chilling plant in Spain which needed to be shipped to the UAE for refurbishment at their Jebel Ali Free Zone customs bonded facility and then subsequently shipped to an African destination.

Despite Covid-19 lockdowns, they managed to act promptly with their associates for the dismantling and sea-worthy packaging for shipping on MAFIs, 40′ open-tops and high-cubes.

The main machinery part, which had shipping dimensions of 12.66 x 2.65 x 2.70m and weight of 49mtn, had to be carefully stowed on MAFIs on purpose built supports due to the awkward nature of cargo and for the safe transport with the accessories shipped in containers. The entire operation was carried out under a nominated quality controller’s supervision and documented to the satisfaction of all concerned.


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