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Public schools offer flexibility to students who cannot afford uniforms

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The managing director of the second branch of the Emirates Foundation for School Education, Hessa Rashid, stated that public schools provide flexibility to students who were unable to buy school uniforms or need to change a certain period, provided they hurry said to bring it, pointing out that all types of school uniforms are available in stores The sale identified by the institution and announced at the beginning of August.

This came in response to queries from a number of parents who were so far unable to purchase school uniforms due to circumstances beyond their control.

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She added that the foundation constantly emphasizes the importance of the student’s guardian’s participation in the educational process with his views, suggestions and observations being examined to benefit them in the development of educational plans, pointing out that the foundation receives the views of the students’ parents through a communication line for “Parental suggestions”, in addition to channels Social media, whether it is “Twitter” or “Instagram”, as well as in each school there is a “hotline” where families can communicate with the school administration to express their observation or suggestion or others.


Regarding teacher training, Rasheed explained that the training process continues throughout the year, noting that the pressure has been lifted from it by defining several types of training, including “intensive training” organized by the foundation for a week before the beginning of each semester , for the teacher according to the needs of the curricula and development in the field of education, in addition to continuing education, including “professional learning communities”, which are organized for teachers in one subject, so that they exchange experiences with teaching in the subject, and training through the platforms on the institution’s website, which make it possible for the teacher to receive appropriate training, in addition to “ The Training Core, which focuses on training a group of teachers to receive training, and then train their colleagues in their schools. The number of “core education” teachers varies from one subject to another.

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The Ministry of Education has launched a new application for customers through a range of services through which they can complete their transactions without having to visit customer happiness centers. The application also allows users to communicate with the ministry at any time to submit queries, suggestions and comments on my platform

Apple Store and Google Play.



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