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Designer Tamilla Jazayeri, founder of the UAE-based practise TAM STUDIO, shows us her latest residential project in Jumeirah Island, Dubai, which emphasises raw architectural aspects while utilising the abundance of natural light.

By Roma Arora

Tamilla Jazayeri has a keen eye for modern and stylish designs, which her firm TAM Studio adheres to a tee.
TAM studio, which has specialised in bespoke furniture since 2016, has established a reputation for the quality and originality of their work, which is designed and manufactured in the UAE.

TAM Studio continues to explore the connection between furniture and interior design, creating experiences that go beyond form, ergonomics, and exploring materiality and colours in a more expressive way while maintaining their hallmark minimalism and authenticity. Their most recent residential building, which is located on Dubai’s Jumeirah Island, is all about finer things and meticulous attention to detail.

Tamilla Jazayeri

Jazayeri says: “Detail is what defines a good design. What we enjoy in our interior design projects is applying those little details that we focus on in our furniture design process in a larger scale. This truly enriches the space, where every detail & material is considered and is tailored to our client’s vision.”

‘Home island’ is a beautiful five-bedroom villa overlooking the lake with tropical scenery located in Jumeirah Islands. Encapsulated by nature the internal space is a large white canvas with intricate architectural details and open, spacious rooms. The green and lush outdoor area give a total feeling of being secluded and away from the city’s rush.

“When we first came across this project, the villa was already under interior construction which had been suspended due to change of owners and we had the opportunity to re-define the space and design an elegant, yet young interior design style,” explained Jazayeri. The project which included full renovation works was inspired by the raw and bare interior of this double-storey villa.

The contrast in ceiling height on the ground floor gave the designer the opportunity to morph geometrical spaces and make the space flow seamlessly from the entrance to the staircase and main hall/ dining area creating architectural definitions through linear forms. Jazayeri shared: “Based on our clients brief we decided to maintain the raw image of this white canvas and define the architectural details on the ground floor through contemporary bespoke furniture and joinery work in a natural colour palette including dark American walnut wood and stroke of brass metal. The monochromatic colour scheme with elements of fresh natural plants also connects the interior space to the green and beige landscape.”


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