The combined company will serve 120,000 locations.

Fourth and HotSchedules, two of the biggest technology companies providing solutions for restaurants, announced that they have merged.

In an agreement backed by Marlin Equity Partners and Insight Venture Partners, the merged company now serves customers in 120,000 locations worldwide and is supported by a team across offices in the US, UK, Bulgaria, China, Australia and UAE.

“The merger of Fourth and HotSchedules presents a huge opportunity for growth and
innovation,” said Ben Hood, co-founder and CEO of Fourth and CEO of the newly merged company.

“As the two largest players in the restaurant and hospitality vertical, our combined strengths and industry expertise will ensure our customers have the solutions they need to solve complex business problems and remain competitive,” added David Cantu, co-founder and chief customer officer at HotSchedules.

As a result of the merger, the firms say customers now have access to an operations platform that integrates with “nearly every major” POS system, finance platform and industry-specific third-party applications., single sign-on, integrated workforce management and inventory management/procurement software among others.

The business will be headquartered in Austin, TX and London, UK.


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