Seeing Machines announced on Thursday that itself and Emirates Airline, Qantas Airways and FedEx Express, have arranged and completed a workshop aimed at improving the training of pilots in the aviation industry.

The AIM-traded firm said that as part of their continued work towards increasing safety in their operations and the global aviation industry, the two passenger and one cargo airline had recognised the need to make use of current eye-tracking technology and simulator data to enhance current methods of pilot training.

It said the two-day workshop was hosted by Emirates in Dubai, and facilitated by Seeing Machines, and included experts and senior managers from the involved parties.

The company explained that they developed ways forward for using eye-tracking for “deeper understanding” of pilot performance in relation to flight training trends, as well as to address current issues and gaps.

It said in that, the main industry challenge of understanding scanning and monitoring, stood out as a challenge that could be met with access to data on where pilots directed their attention in normal operations and non-normal situations.

All three airlines at the workshop had been working with Seeing Machines in recent years to explore the use and benefits of eye-tracking technology.

As a result, the company said the workshop “closely examined” how an eye-tracking product for pilot training would specifically support and optimise flight training through all phases of training, including use in both part task trainers and full flight simulators.

“Having key industry leaders attend this workshop clearly demonstrates the strong support and commitment within Aviation to adopt technology that will enhance safety and support critical training requirements in their organisations and across the sector,” said Seeing Machines’ general manager of aviation Patrick Nolan.

“It was a great experience to work with senior Aviation specialists from different carriers and operators who shared real and current issues that will feed into the product we are developing to support the industry’s needs.”


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