“Simplicity and authenticity” key to Bice Ristorante’s two decades in Dubai

Not many restaurants make it to 20 years in Dubai, a city known for its high turnover, and making it through the past six months of coronavirus-related turmoil has also been no easy task, but Bice Ristorante is the latest venue to do so.

Located at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, the Italian eatery is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the city by restoring some classic dishes from the past two decades to a special menu.

Cluster general manager Andreas Searty believes that it’s the “simplicity and authenticity” of the dishes it offers that has helped make it a firm favourite on Dubai’s dining scene.

He said: “Over the past two decades we remained loyal to our roots and never compromised on quality at BiCE Ristorante. We have been known for focusing on the original classic Italian dishes made from the 1926 recipes created by BICE founder Beatrice Mungai Rugeri in Milano.”

With almost 100 years of history behind it, there’s a challenge in maintaining authenticity while bringing the food to a new generation of customers, but head chef Davide Gardini believes that experimenting with plating is one of the best ways to garner interest these days.

He explained: “People now-a-days eat with their eyes, and creative and thoughtful plating enhances both the look and taste of our dishes. The greatest way to reinventing traditional dishes today is with modern food plating techniques. We are focused on offering artistically-presented traditional Italian dishes that contain ingredients of the highest quality with a dedicated focus on reducing food waste.”

The top 20 dishes of the last 20 years are available a Bice Ristorante from October 1 until October 20, so you can sample both the modern and the traditional.

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