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Spinneys announces commitment to stop all single-use plastic bags in stores

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  • Spinneys removes single-use plastic bags in Abu Dhabi from 1st June 2022 and all single-use plastic in Dubai from 1st July 2022
  • Customers to be rewarded for using reusable bags with 25 fils off every total shop bill
  • Spinneys launches NEW premium limited edition tote bag made from up-cycled Spinneys bags, in collaboration with local award-winning sustainable artist Peahead Eco

Dubai, UAE – Locally-owned supermarket Spinneys has committed to putting a stop to single-use plastic bags in its stores across the UAE.

In line with the new policy set by The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi to ban single-use plastics at all checkouts starting from tomorrow 1st June, Spinneys stores in Abu Dhabi will be removing its plastic checkout bags with single-use paper bags to follow in July

In Dubai, Spinneys has committed to following the same ban on single-use plastics as Abu Dhabi and will be implementing the removal of all disposable bags at checkout. This includes bags made of plastic, paper, biodegradable plastic and plant-based biodegradable materials. The ban will take place in Dubai stores from 1st July 2022.

Spinneys is committed to leading on environmental and social initiatives and believes that everyone must work together to reduce single-use shopping bags. Spinneys’ view is that single-use bags are unnecessary as there are so many reusable alternatives available.

Helping customers to embrace the change, Spinneys will also reward shoppers for reusing, by giving customers 25 fils off their total grocery bill every time they bring a bag back to store with them when they shop. This is as opposed to charging 25 fils to use a disposable plastic bag. The retailer hopes this will incentivise its customers to consciously move towards the use of reusable bags only.

As part of Spinneys’ action plan, today also marks the launch of a new range of reusable bags. Spinneys has partnered with Peahead Eco – a Dubai-based award-winning sustainable artist – to develop a bespoke, premium tote bag made from 100% sustainable materials and upcycled Spinneys plastic bags

Designed to be a multi-purpose statement tote bag, the limited-edition shopper has been ethically handmade by local craftspeople in Ajman using up-cycled single-use Spinneys bags and even sustainably sourced and harvested cork leather. The bags are exclusively sold in Spinneys and will be available in select stores from today, 1st of June.

Sophie Corcut, Sustainability Manager at Spinneys, comments: “Spinneys is dedicated to supporting the growth of the circular economy in the UAE, which is why we back the UAE’s single-use policy and are going the extra step to enforce the removal of single-use plastic followed by paper bags across all our stores. Sustainability lies at the heart of Spinneys’ business strategy and we are committed to supporting the national target to completely ban all disposable bags in the UAE by 2024. We will continue to introduce rewards and initiatives to help our customers adopt an eco-friendlier way of living too, like our new premium shopper in collaboration with Peahead Eco. It’s great to see the single-use plastic bags being re-purposed into something practical and stylish.”

Christine Iris Wilson, Owner of Peahead Eco comments: “Peahead Eco is thrilled to partner with Spinneys as we work together to encourage a more sustainable future. The launch of the bag is not only about encouraging the local community to use reusable bags when they shop in the store but also to think consciously about the materials they purchase. We care about the amount of waste produced and we love this planet. While zero-waste remains a daily challenge, every little action that each of us takes can make a difference. By up-cycling materials we aim to give everything a second chance – avoiding landfill – to be loved again.”

These latest initiatives form part of Spinneys’ ‘Let’s Close the Loop’ campaign, a commitment by the retailer to work towards a circular waste management system and help close the loop on the plastics economy.


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