Advertising and PR company Stankevicius which was founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2014 has moved its headquarters to the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. Stankevicius is now incorporated in UAE.

Stankevicius is a leading global advertising, marketing, and public relations firm that provides a wide range of advertising and marketing services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial companies, technology companies, startups, and individuals. The company maintains locations in Dubai, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Helsinki, and Minsk.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is the business hub of the middle east. It is right in the center between the West and the East. Stankevicius seeks to dive deeper into Middle East markets and establish a better connection with local businesses. It is also very easy to reach out to the Asia Pacific as well as to Europe and US from Dubai.

Within the past year, the company has also established a relationship with local companies and authorities in the GCC area making it easier to start a business in the Middle East.

“Gulf countries are full of strong companies. These companies are massive in terms of revenue and global scalability but when it comes to recognition, nobody knows that these companies are founded by Arabs. We want to bring Arab branding forward to international markets and gain deserved recognition and exposure in the industry.” – Paulius Stankevicius, Chief Executive Officer at Stankevicius.

What’s next?

Company’s focus moves towards the Asian continent including Russia, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific countries.

“With strong client base, we are able to relocate and expand our business into Asia. We have been thinking of entering Asian markets for a very long time but now we are finally doing it. In addition to Middle East expansion, we have also just incorporated our business into APAC region with the aim to acquire more clients from Japan, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Australia and other APAC countries.” – Paulius Stankevicius, Chief Executive Officer at Stankevicius.

Stankevicius company has exponentially grown within the past 12 months from a small consulting agency to internationally recognized advertising and PR powerhouse with clients from US, Europe, and Asia.

Stankevicius service offering


Stankevicius provides a broad range of online and offline advertising services including online and print publication placements in various magazines under lifestyle, business, finance, technology and all other major categories as well as ad placements in various websites in video and image formats.


Outdoor advertising is the prestigious, luxury and premium option from Stankevicius company named as 5 Star Advertising media set. Which includes advertising opportunities in airports, cities, buses and trams, subways, rails, commercial properties, retails and shopping malls. The best option is LED screen advertising on skyscrapers around the world as well as massive size billboard advertising on the road and on buildings.


Stankevicius also provides editorial public relations services including pitching ideas directly to magazine editors. The company has also an extensive network of worldwide media enabling it to publish articles directly into selected media for clients. Stankevicius has medias covered almost in every country in the world, from New York to Abu Dhabi to Shanghai. PR services also include global press release distribution services through gigantic media networks such as but not limited to Dow Jones, Bloomberg, and Thomson Reuters terminals.


Last but not least, Stankevicius provides advanced digital marketing services starting from landing page design with a great user experience and the perfect content strategy to digital advertising including search engine optimization building, organic and paid search advertising, social media content creation, and management, and paid social media strategic approach and management.



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