Imagine a walking and talking robot reminding you to take your medicine. It informs you when it’s time for your routine visit to the hospital and also delivers you medication.

A Dubai student has invented a smart pharmacy that is able to do just that. Mthayel Mohammed Al Sereidi was presenting her project at the National Science, Technology and Innovation (NSTI) Festival, along with 100 other science fair projects.

Sereidi said she designed the robot to ensure people receive their medicine on time.

“Elderly people often forget to take their medicine. This smart pharmacy can walk and talk. You just have to set timings into it once and then it automatically talks when it’s time to take your medicine,” she said.

Another project that caught a lot of attention at the festival was the ‘Emergency Robot’ developed by Sultan Saif Binbader, a student at the Al Raefah Secondary School. The robot can do firefighting, it can clean, observe areas with its high-definition cameras, fill punctured tyres with air and charge vehicle batteries and mobile phones.

“This robot is mainly for emergency purposes. Many people suffer from dead batteries in their car or mobile phone. This robot can help. It has a very good quality camera that can monitor different areas,” Binbader said.

Omar Said Ghobash, the UAE Ambassador to France, gave a speech at the festival.

“I have a degree in Mathematics and am excited about science in general. I would love to hear what the students have to say and I hope that in some way I can encourage them to pursue, not just the sciences, but even more on the moral frame work of the scientists,” he said.

Several memorandum of understandings (MoU) were also signed between government entities and private organisations.

One of them included a MoU between Udacity, which is a US educational organisation that focuses on programming skills and artificial intelligence, and the UAE Ministry of Education.