Emiri Decree No. (23) of 2018 stipulates that a programme with the English name “Sharjah Architecture Triennial” shall be established in the Emirate. The programme shall enjoy legal personality, financial, administrative and technical autonomy, and the capacity to carry out the legal acts that ensure the achievement of the objectives for which it was established. An independent budget will be allocated for the programme, and will operate under the supervision of the Sharjah Urban Planning Council.

The headquarters of the programme shall be based in the City Sharjah and may establish branches and offices within and outside the Emirate by a decision of the Urban Planning Council.

The Emiri Decree defines the objectives of the programme including the contribution to the development of architecture and urban planning at the level of the Emirate, spread of the culture of architecture and urban planning and discuss urban challenges, and strengthening integration between research and practical application within the field of architecture.

According to the decree, the programme shall be responsible for organising exhibitions, competitions and conferences and issuing various publications in the field of urban planning, establishment of activities that contribute to the development of various kinds of architecture, developing partnerships with public, academic and professional institutions, spreading awareness about architecture and urban planning in different sectors of society and documenting the features of the emirate in terms of their architectural value and contributing to the preservation of the historical architectural heritage.

Preparation of projects and programmes for the development and revitalisation of architectural events of various kinds and  promoting architectural knowledge for all groups of society are among the other of the responsibilities of the programme in addition to any other functions commissioned and assigned by the  Ruler  or the Executive Council of the Emirate.

According to the Emiri Decree, the Board of Directors of the programme is chaired by the Chairman of the Urban Planning Council of the Emirate with the membership of competent and specialised members who will be named by an administrative decision by the Ruler of the Emirate or his representative.

To duly carry out its tasks, the Council shall have a set of specialisations including drawing up the general policy for the activities of the programme, preparing its annual budget and final account, providing the financial and administrative regulations, forming permanent and temporary committees, submitting  periodic reports on its work to the Urban Planning Council, in addition to any other competencies and assignments by the Ruler  or the Executive Council of the Emirate.

The Board meets three times a year or whenever necessary, upon the invitation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Programme. Decisions shall be taken by a majority vote. In the circumstance of equal ballot, the result will be in favour of the side which includes the chairman.

Pursuant to the decree, the term of memberships will be three renewable years. The members shall continue to fulfil their roles at the end of their terms until new members are appointed.

The decree further states that the financial resources of the programme shall be obtained through government allocations, programme’s own revenues resulting from the exercise of its competences in addition to any other resources approved by the Council. 

The programme’s funds shall be regarded as public funds and the programme shall be exempt from all local government taxes and fees of all types and forms.

The Decree shall be effective from the date of its issuance and other competent authorities should implement its provisions each in its respective field, and shall be published in the Official Gazette.


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