Is it safe to travel to Bali? A Twitter user asked the Indian Minister of External Affairs

Dubai: Indian Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, just won Twitter in India with a cheeky reply.

On Wednesday, tweep @sushilkrrai@cgibali tagged @SushmaSwaraj to ask: “…is it safe to travel to Bali? We have a bali trip on 11.08.18 to 17.08.18. Is it safe? Is there any advisory that has been issued by our government? Kindly guide us soon.”

Swaraj who is known for actively replying to queries on Twitter, had everyone in splits when she wrote: “I will have to consult the volcano there [Indonesia].”


Many Twitter users said her reply was hilarious.

@shubhdeep07 posted: “So many people don’t even understand the level of sarcasm she has given.”

A more serious conversation ensued with some tweeps asking if it was okay to ask an External Minister such questions.

Twitter user @Kulottunga1 posted: “You are expecting an external affairs minister to check the weather for you? Is she your travel agent? You are taking undue advantage of a responsive and proactive minister.”

And @IKnwUrGame wrote: “She isn’t your guide! Respect her time and stop being silly!”

To this, @kadam1988 replied: “When you select a leader you can ask them anything, I respect her for what she do. But that doesn’t mean as a citizen I can’t seek help.”

Some, however, thought Swaraj’s reply was not expected from a minister and that she should have helped with a more sensible reply.

@pothukuchis tweeted: “What kind of an answer is that? @sushilkrrai was asking if Indian MEA has given any ‘Travel Advisory’ for Indians visiting Bali. Most mature countries give these, you know? Consulting Volcanoes indeed. There are better ways to get these predictions.”

The question was later answered by Visit Indonesia Tourism Office in India through their official Twitter account @VITOIndia. They posted: “We are the Indonesia tourism board office, India. Situation in Bali is normal and it is safe to travel. Earthquake was felt in Lombok, which is a different Island. The situation in Lombok is under control. For any queries please contact us directly.”


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