Sydney Airport’s international terminal will become a quieter place to relax and unwind when jetting abroad, with T1 transitioning to become a ‘quiet terminal’ from Monday September 17.

While regular announcements will continue to be made at and around boarding gates, only “critical” announcements will be broadcast beyond these areas.

“As is the case at all airports, passengers are advised of their gate and boarding time upon check-in,” says Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert.

“We’ve worked closely with our airline partners (to strike) the right balance between providing a relaxing and stress-free environment, and ensuring passengers have the information they need in terms of signage and updated flight information … to get to their gate in a timely and efficient manner.”

The move follows other major airports including Dubai, Singapore Changi and Helsinki which generally avoid making terminal-wide announcements, although boarding calls inside airport lounges will continue as normal, at the discretion of each airline.

Announcements will also continue at Sydney Airport’s other terminals for passengers taking domestic flights.

Australian Business Traveller has asked Sydney Airport to clarify which announcements are deemed “critical” for continued broadcast throughout its T1 international departures area, and will update the article when a response is received.


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