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Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) collected 49,408 tonnes of demolition and construction waste in 2019.


Tadweer honors four Abu Dhabi-based entities for efforts in waste reduction Tadweer honors four Abu Dhabi-based entities for efforts in waste reduction

HE Dr Salim Al Kaabi, Tadweer director general, said his firm had stepped up its efforts over the past six months to ensure the effectiveness of its waste management services and facilities.

HE said: “This will contribute significantly to achieving the objectives of Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 that aims to create a sustainable environment and preserve the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of Abu Dhabi.

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He added: “Tadweer’s integrated waste management system incorporates the latest global methods, including waste segregation at source, optimal utilization of recyclable waste, and efficient management and safe disposal of non-recyclable waste.

“In collaboration with best-in-class environmental service providers and other specialized companies, we have implemented several innovative projects to collect, transport and treat all types of waste.

“Our approach focuses on diverting waste away from landfills, minimizing its adverse impact on the environment and providing healthy living conditions for the residents of the emirate.”


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