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Talents shine in the art workshops at the Kulturkomplekset

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Fatima Atfa (Abu Dhabi)

Many talents shine in the art workshops in the Cultural Complex, among others the workshops for teaching the art of ceramics, and in every kitchen we find many ceramic jars that we use, but we have rarely asked ourselves how to make such works of art. Al-Ittihad visited the Cultural Foundation to get a look at how ceramics and ceramics are made through workshops with the teacher of ceramics, Munira Al-Abadi.
Al-Abadi says: From the beginning the quality of “mud” is identified, then comes the process of spreading the clay with the hands first, then treating the clay mass with the stamp dedicated to the individual and thinning the clay according to the required shape How is it separated with the tip of ​​by hand or by machine, then the piece of clay is placed on a mold, whether it is square or circular, according to the student’s choice, with a look at the necessary template, and at the stage after the clay is individualized, the process of printing shapes of flowers or birds on the prepared piece, then we put a material “Claes” before firing and must leave the work for a week, after which the firing process takes place.
Munira Al-Abadi confirms that many modern techniques have entered the arts in terms of form in colors and graphics and these arts are all done by hand and there are machines that produce ceramic pieces but it is due to the demand quality and if required manual labor or a machine factory.
For her part, El-Batool (one of the interns) says that she wants to explore her artistic talents and she chose to make ceramics because this art is not taught in schools, pointing out that working through clay and molds it requires artistic talent in making and decorating molds, and she chose to work in the shape of a plate for food.
Student and trainee Fatima Tariq, for her part, emphasizes the importance of participating in the art workshops during the summer holidays, as she chose the ceramics workshop organized by the Cultural Foundation and continues the training until she masters this art and method of its implementation and then paint on it until it reaches burning stage.


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