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“The Arab Parliament for Children” visits the Museum of the Future

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Members of the Arab Parliament for the Child experienced a unique experience of imagining and experiencing new possibilities during their visit to the Museum of the Future in Dubai as part of the Parliament’s programs ahead of its fourth session on 30 July.
The members expressed their admiration from the first moment they entered the museum, especially its external appearance as one of the most beautiful buildings on earth in the UAE, and pondered the phrase engraved on its walls and written by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai As he said, “The future will be for those who can imagine, design and implement it. The future does not wait, the future can be designed and built today.”

They then entered the worlds of the Museum of the Future and the various future trends it monitors on its various platforms. They sailed in these futuristic worlds. They toured the Museum of the Future’s sections and platforms and listened to an explanation of the results that provide visitors with qualitative opportunities and a unique journey to launch into the future.

They represent the children of the Arab world through their membership of the Arab Parliament for the child belonging to the League of Arab States and they are 68 boys and girls representing 17 Arab countries who participated in their participation in the session in the UAE in the city Sharjah.
The children were inspired by many ideas and perceptions of the Earth’s future through the exhibits at the museum, which expresses that it is the largest scientific and intellectual platform in the region to anticipate the future and contribute to monitoring future trends and designing innovative solutions with new tools for present and future challenges.
The members had many unique experiences offered by the museum to move towards the future, and became acquainted with flying robots, future skills, technology and innovations that the museum offers, based on the message of the call to spread inspiration and consolidate future thinking. -making between generations.
At the end of their visit to the Museum of the Future, the MPs expressed the importance of this visit and what it reflected in their personalities in terms of inspiring the future, noting that the Arab Parliament for the Child gave them, through previous workshops, with space towards the direction of the future and a realistic view of the challenges and the human need for development and use of technology. The visit to the museum will be a continuation of these workshops and programs which have come a long way. in.


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