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The city of Kas in Turkey..a beautiful unpolluted corner of the Mediterranean

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – At the point where the sky ends, a giant man sleeps along a ridge overlooking the Mediterranean.

This is what it looks like, seen from the old port of Kas on the south coast of Turkey. Legend has it that a giant she lived above the water on the island of Mes, which is called Kastellorizo ​​in Greek.

If the sea touches them at the same time, the two will wake up and fall in love.

A romance befitting this coastal town that remained relatively unknown to outsiders until the early 1980s, when sailors parked their yachts in the harbor to refill them.

town "cash"..Explore a charming and unchanging destination in Turkey
Traditional houses are located along the streets of Kas. , simple textCredit: milda79 / Adobe Stock

The exiled sons of wealthy Istanbul families also made Kas (a word for forehead in Turkish) their home and brought their love of music, good coffee and nature with them.

Due to its rugged nature, and the lack of an airport very close by, Cash has retained its charm as a small fishing village.

However, it offers plenty of activities, whether you are sunbathing, foodie or a fan of skydiving over a mountain.

cemetery village

town "cash"..Explore a charming and unchanging destination in Turkey
The city has retained its charm due to its rugged terrain and the lack of an airport very close. , simple textCredit: William McKelvie / Adobe Stock

In modern times, Kas is still littered with cemeteries scattered throughout the city.

This makes it easy for the visitor to experience the story without actually trying, but it is useful to get an idea of ​​the place.

The street from the bus station to the mosque is called Cumhuriyet Meydan (meaning the town square), and the port is called “Ataturk Bulvary”.

town "cash"..Explore a charming and unchanging destination in Turkey
The ancient Greeks knew Kash as Antiphellos. This old theater is a great place to watch the sunset. , simple textCredit: Ryzhkov Oleksandr / Adobe Aktie

Turn west below, and drive along Old Hospital Road to the open-air Hellenistic theater of the 1st century BC.

The theater is a favorite among yoga practitioners, while music lovers enjoy its free summer concerts.

When you return to the city, you can explore one of the water cisterns, of which only two remain, part of the many cisterns built in the Hellenistic and Roman period.

dreamy beaches

town "cash"..Explore a charming and unchanging destination in Turkey
This amazing cave is located on the Greek island of Kastellorizo, known as Mes in Turkey. It can be reached via a boat trip from Kas. , simple textCredit: nudiblue / Adobe Stock

In a small spot of sand east of Küçük Çakıl’s main square are wooden-roofed restaurants along the cliffs in the shade of lush trees.

It is the perfect place to do absolutely nothing except swim occasionally.

These days, small boats regularly take holidaymakers to two beautiful beaches in Limanağazı.

History lovers should visit the second beach where they can follow a path up to the Lycian tombs and enjoy a wonderful view.

town "cash"..Explore a charming and unchanging destination in Turkey
The city is surrounded by beautiful beaches. , simple textCredit: h.61.b / Adobe Stock

Diving is possible in Kas, and the town offers trips aboard the gület, which are traditional wooden boats, as well as the opportunity to travel abroad, as the island “Miss” is only about 3.5 nautical miles away.

delicious destination

town "cash"..Explore a charming and unchanging destination in Turkey
The city comes alive at night. , simple textCredit: Ivan Kmit / Adobe Stock

Wachs is a paradise for food lovers, and the town offers everything from traditionally grilled meats, appetizers and vegetarian menus to vegan scones and coffee.

There are Turkish taverns set in walled courtyards, romantic restaurants in gardens overlooking the sea, elegant, simple cafes that prepare old-fashioned beloved dishes in a new way, and cheerful family restaurants.

Those looking for the opportunity to enjoy a drink in peace can head to the bistros on the streets of Terzi and Zümrüt.

Uzun Çarşı is the site of handmade shoes, rugs, antiques and antique clothing sold in former Greek homes, many of which were built by families who moved through Mes in the 19th century.

Many visitors return year after year because the core of the city has not changed much.


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