Dubai Watch Week and Christie’s to host the first International Horology Forum in London on 11 and 12 September, facilitating discussion between leading figures from the watch world

The Horology Forum has become an integral part of the Dubai Watch Week experience. An original concept created to foster free-flowing conversation covering a broad spectrum of industry topics, these sessions have become what Christie’s International Head of Watches John Reardon describes as ‘the leading global platform in non-biased dialogue on all things horological’.

On 11 and 12 September in London, Christie’s and Dubai Watch Week will partner on the first International Horology Forum, a special event at our King Street headquarters that will continue these in-depth conversations and debates among the world’s leading watchmakers, authors, historians, collectors, brands and industry professionals.

Dubai Watch Week launched in 2015 and Christie’s has been a partner in this leading event for the past three years. The November 2017 edition drew major watch brands, collectors, experts and influencers from all over the world to discuss and debate the art of horology and the future of the watch industry.

‘The exchange of ideas among academics and leading voices in the watch world is pivotal to the future of our field,’ says John Reardon. ‘The Horology Forum has proved itself time after time and Christie’s is honoured to host this exciting educational event with all our friends from Dubai Watch Week.’

What is horology, and why do watch collectors need to attend this event?

John Reardon: ‘Watch collectors are now a tightly-knit global community of horological enthusiasts and experts who devote a huge amount of their time to studying and comparing varied elements of their timekeepers. From studying the market to the near microscopic examination of watch escapements, there is something for everyone in the world of horology. It is where art, micromechanics, and global trade all intersect.

‘Topics for discussion at the Horology Forum at Christie’s London will include the fork in the road between mechanical and artificially intelligent watches. What are the defining factors that keep mechanical watches in existence? And is the recent revival of the vintage market an indication that mechanical will be forever timeless? Among the other areas we’ll be exploring are watch-buying patterns, which are are fast changing due to the easy access to information in the digital age, and the “David v Goliath” aspect of brands within the watch industry.’

Who will be on the panels at the Horology Forum event at Christie’s London?

JR: ‘The panels are set to bring together renowned watchmakers, industry icons and collectors, and knowledge, expertise and insights will be exchanged. Among those taking part are Stephen Forsey, co-founder of Greubel Forsey; respected collector Claude Sfeir; the author Stacy Perman; Edouard Meylan of H. Moser & Cie; Aurélie Picaud, Director of Timepieces for Fabergé; Dario Spallone of D1 Milano; Lucien Vouillamoz of HYT Watches; and master watchmaker Roger W. Smith.’

Which areas of the watch industry and watch-collecting are you looking forward to discussing?

JR: ‘The conversations between key influencers and collectors about the current state of the market fascinate me most. We are living through a renaissance of watch design and technological innovation and it is fascinating to explore the intersection of past, present and future.’

What excites you most about the horology event in London?

JR: ‘First and foremost, the people. The conversations between the panellists are as engaging and informative as the panels themselves. Being surrounded by individuals interested in horology — and from many different elements of the industry and every niche of the collecting world — is always stimulating. People who have attended previous Horology Forum events during Dubai Watch Week are still enthusing about the positive nature of these conversations.’


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