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The UAE calls for the depoliticization of the humanitarian issue in Syria

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The UAE stressed the need to continue to focus on the Syrian issue in all its aspects in the long term to achieve stability, prosperity and peace for the brotherly Syrian people and end the humanitarian crisis without any politicization of the humanitarian issue. .

In a statement to the United Nations General Assembly, the United Arab Emirates expressed its appreciation for holding the meeting within the framework of the mechanism established by General Assembly Resolution 262/76, which aims to increase transparency in the work of the Security Council, which works on behalf of all members of the UN. It also welcomed the adoption of Security Council Resolution 2642 as a consensual solution and noted its constructive participation in the negotiations.

The ten elected members took a united stand to implement the council’s mandate. Shahd Matar, the official spokesman of the country’s mission to the United Nations, who made the state statement, pointed out that the Security Council resolution, which was carefully worded, reflects the Council’s determination to respond to the enormous humanitarian needs and ensure that emergency aid reaches all those in need throughout Syria and by all means.

She added: “Despite our desire to extend the mechanism for a period of 12 months, the decision contained important additions that provide the basis for addressing the humanitarian situation in the long term and on a larger scale, such as intensifying efforts to early recovery projects, which include the provision of electricity to Syrians.

Where electricity is one of the basic and indispensable human needs, without it basic services are interrupted, especially in hospitals and schools, and efforts to provide water to millions of Syrians are hampered.” She pointed out the importance of focusing on the humanitarian necessity of this file and not politicize it, taking into account the needs of all Syrians before other considerations, when she discussed the decision on the cross-border aid delivery mechanism in January next year.



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