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The UAE is a regional leader in artificial intelligence

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The “Oxford Business Group” confirmed the leadership of the UAE, Middle East and North Africa region in artificial intelligence and in its adoption and dissemination of its applications in various practical and everyday applications.

The British group specializing in economic research and studies recently published a report on its website titled “Competitive Prospects for Artificial Intelligence in the Middle East and North Africa”, in which it stated that the UAE is the first country in The Middle East to announce an ambitious strategy, supported by the government; to develop artificial intelligence.

The report added that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are following the UAE’s approach in this regard.

The report noted that the UAE led the world in appointing a minister within the government for artificial intelligence, and that was in October 2017. The report reviewed the rest of the steps that the UAE government took in terms of to adopt and develop artificial intelligence, and stated that one of the biggest of these steps was the establishment of a “Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence” in 2019.

He stated that this university located in “Masdar City” is ranked 30th in the world among educational institutions that conduct research in artificial intelligence, machine learning and others.



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