Although the Greek kiwi often finds its way to Southeastern European markets, the Greek growers – as they become more professional – are cautiously starting to explore other markets, such as Asia, the Middle East and the US, according to Ad Pollux of Regifresh Fruit & Vegetables Marketing.

Regifresh functions as an intermediary between the Greek producers and packers and European retail. “There are fantastic opportunities, because Greece has a great climate for the production of fruit.” Last period, trial shipments of Greek kiwi fruit were sent to China and Dubai. Ad expects that the improved economic situation in Greece contributes to taking steps in the field of development of product and marketing.

Estimating value
The kiwi fruit from Greece is primarily green, conventionally grown kiwi fruit. “The production of kiwi gold and organic kiwis is starting to emerge, but sparsely.” Compared to Italy, the largest competitive production country, Greece isn’t that advanced yet, Ad says. That’s also why it was so hard when it recently became known that Greek kiwi fruit is sold via Italy as Italian fruit – at better prices.

Ad observes that a young generation of Greek kiwi growers are ready to get started, and they are open to research and supplying distant markets to avoid competition on the European market. That also comes with an increasing familiarisation with kiwi gold and an expansion of the organic area. “It’s time for Greece to be estimated at its correct value, and hopefully, the growers will be able to take steps to become valuable players on the market in the coming years,” concludes Ad, who is working hard on the preparation of the Greek watermelon season that starts in May.

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