The giving spirit of Ramadan is off to a generous start with the launch of a number of philanthropic initiatives to help those less fortunate, both in the UAE and overseas.

update_8In honour of the Year of Zayed, the Emirates Foundation has launched a nationwide appeal for youth volunteers during the month of Ramadan.

Founded to mark the 100th anniversary of Sheikh Zayed’s birth, participants of Al Dunia B’Khair campaign will aim to achieve 10,000 hours of volunteer work and distribute 100,000 Ramadan packages to community centres, mosques and labour camps across the country. Visit:

Meanwhile, Emirates Red Crescent has pledged over AED 29 million to help those in need both here and internationally with gifts of iftar meals, food donations and Eid clothes. The charity will reach out to almost half a million people in over 70 countries throughout the holy month, with over 120 donation locations available across the emirate for residents to pitch in. Visit:

With the numbers of displaced people growing year on year, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has once more launched its Ramadan appeal to provide the many thousands of refugee families worldwide with vital sustenance, care and Eid clothing.

“[Ramadan] is the month of compassion, giving and showing our empathy for people like us who lost everything because they were looking for life,” Mohammed Abu Asaker, senior regional public information officer at UNHCR, told us.

“Over eight years we have seen continuous violence with refugees displaced,” he added. “This is the seventh Ramadan in a row where they have been away from their homes and have been forced to miss the traditions of Ramadan.

“I want to remind everyone in the UAE that in this blessed month, let’s remember those who need our support, and those who cannot survive without it. Everyone and every dollar makes a difference.”