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Guinness World Records recognises Dubai Jebel Ali power complex as largest gas-fired facility globally

Guinness World Records has recognised Dubai's 9.5GW Jebel Ali power and desalination complex as the largest single-site natural gas power generation facility globally. The...

This insider PT knowledge will completely change your gym experience

The gym. It can be an intimidating place, that’s for sure. All those cold, hostile machines and goddesses strutting around with terrifyingly sharp abs. It’s hardly as inviting as a tub of Ben & Jerry’s on the sofa.

But needs must (the need and want to feel body confident, that is), so Grazia got together with Dubai born and raised personal trainer, Pilates instructor and F45 HITT training coach, Huda Heidari to steal her insider tips on getting the most the from your time in the gym. Here goes…

1. Make a plan

“Having a plan before you step in to the gym is really important,” Huda tells Grazia. “You don’t want to be wasting time or getting distracted. A workout plan will keep you focused.”

2. Food is your friend 

We know this anyway, but Huda adds, “As well as being mentally prepared for your workout, you need to be physically ready. I eat two boiled eggs, as they are light and a source of protein, and drink a coffee before I do a weight lifting session. If I’m only doing cardio, I just go with a coffee as I like to do fasted cardio, which means working out on an empty stomach. In terms of drink, you must consume at least two litres of water a day.” Got it. 

3. Ask questions

“I never asked questions when I first got into fitness and now I know how important it is to ask if you don’t understand how a machine works, for example.” Huda goes on to say, “Also, if it’s the first time you’re going to the gym, explore it, and ask a trainer or member of gym staff to show you round. Understanding where everything is and how it works is really important.”

4. Comfort is crucial 

We don’t need telling twice, but what’s the reason? “It enhances your performance because you feel confident and secure. Buying sweatproof clothing is important too. Quality clothing makes a big difference to how you work out.” Noted.

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5. Feel the beat

“Music makes a big difference to your workout,” Huda says. “Create a playlist so your feel-good music is prepared and ready. You need that music to take you from the outside world to give you that focus when you’re training on your own.”

6. Night owl

“Of course everyone is different, so you have to figure out if you’re a morning or evening person, but I believe an evening workout is best as you feel more energised,” Huda says. 

Let’s do this. 

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