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“Trends” Center joins the program “Esaad”.

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Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Trends Center for Research and Consultation has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Dubai Police General Command, represented by the “Happy Card” program, with the aim of providing “Trends” employees with a happy card issued by Dubai Police, where all offers, discounts and benefits, offered by companies and commercial enterprises operating in the UAE are collected.USA, along with 92 countries around the world.
The memorandum was signed by “Trends” Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali, Managing Director of the Center, and by “Dubai Police” Mona Muhammad Al-Amiri, Director General of Esaad Card Center, in the presence of a number of employees from both sides.
Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Ali said that the collaboration between “Trends” and “Essaad” and the center’s employees achieving this ground-breaking card is in line with the center’s plans and initiatives aimed at increasing the satisfaction and happiness of the work team and their families, which is adopted by the government communication department in “Trends” represented by the “Esaad” unit. Employees and Customers,” and expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Dubai Police General Command and the distinguished Social Esaad Card Center for providing the “Esaad Program” for Trend’s employees.
In turn, Mona Al-Amiri confirmed that the signing of the memorandum is the beginning of an effective cooperation and partnership with the Trends Center for Research and Consultation, towards broad horizons of joint work, adding that this constructive cooperation, which will result in the center’s employees a “happy” card, will lead to joy for the employees and reflect positively on Double work, increase productivity and necessarily lead to the delivery of good services to their partners.


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